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On Behalf of O’Malley Tunstall PLLC | Mar 19, 2020 | Firm News

Though Joe Tunstall describes himself as “a good old redneck boy,” he is quick to acknowledge that to be a successful attorney, you need more than country charm. In a recent profile in Attorney at Law Magazine, the prominent Raleigh lawyer listed several ingredients key to delivering results that clients want and need.

First and foremost, preparation is crucial, Tunstall told the publication. The importance of preparation was made abundantly clear to him by early mentor Jimmie Keel, who also happened to be his uncle. He went to work for Keel right after graduating from Wake Forest School of Law, remembering that his mother’s brother was “big on spending time thinking and working. He just didn’t half-rear end anything.”

During his decade with Keel, Tunstall also worked with Susan O’Malley, who became his law partner. “Jimmie and Susan’s idea for the law was, help people, push ideas.”

While the ideas of preparation and helping people are timeless, there have been some changes in the world in recent years, perhaps most prominently in technological advances. Tunstall has both a personal and professional interest in staying current, saying that “in today’s society, if a lawyer is not staying up with the technology, then I think you’re going to find yourself completely out of the game in a few years.”

Tunstall says he “can walk into any courtroom in North Carolina with a 50-inch TV, with a wireless Elmo remote, an Apple TV, a router and my MacBook and be ready to go. If you don’t have some decent images and a presentation to show a jury, they’ll think you missed the boat.”

He is also proud that O’Malley Tunstall PLLC offers videoconferencing and meetings by phone. To learn more about how we can take care of your legal needs while maintaining social distancing, please call our office to set up a remote consultation.