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How can you obtain crucial evidence after a large truck accident?

Accidents involving commercial trucks often have much higher stakes than accidents between drivers of personal cars and trucks. This is because of the enormous amount of damage that a large truck can inflict and the increased complications in obtaining compensation from those responsible.

Trucking companies know that a commercial truck accident can cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions. This means that they — and their insurance carriers — will try very hard to avoid as much liability as possible. Accident victims need to be on guard for attempts to settle their claims for much less than they are owed.

Alarming results from distracted driving poll

It’s unlikely that as you drive around Raleigh you keep tabs on the demographics of distracted drivers you encounter. But a recent survey conducted by Harris Poll shows that the drivers most likely to drive while distracted are members of Generation X.

Regardless of which generation you belong to, distracted driving is a problem stretching across age, gender, ethnicities and religions: a whopping 71 percent of Americans admit that they drive while distracted. Unfortunately, those distracted drivers exact a heavy toll on society in the form of traffic accidents, injuries and fatalities.

18-wheeler blows through red light, injures 10 in multi crashes

It is about a 10-hour drive north from Raleigh along the coast to get to Edison, New Jersey. It’s the kind of drive that long-haul truckers make routinely, usually without incident. Unfortunately, when mistakes are made with tractor-trailers, everyone on the road is in danger of severe injuries or being killed by the enormous, heavy trucks.

A few days ago, 10 people were injured – including one who suffered critical injuries – in a chain-reaction truck crash in Edison. Investigators said an 18-wheeler failed to stop at a red light at an intersection.

North Carolina Highway Patrol's case against distracted driving

It’s a problem that stretches from Raleigh to Greenville and from Charlotte to Asheville and beyond. Texting while driving is a risky behavior that puts not only those drivers who engage in it in immediate danger of a violent motor vehicle collision, but their passengers and all the motorists with whom they share North Carolina’s streets, roads and highways.

Most residents understand that texting while driving is against the law in our state, but that knowledge does not prevent many people from doing it anyway. A North Carolina Highway Patrol officer said troopers are enforcing the law, “but it is hard to observe someone texting while driving.” Sgt. Chris Knox added that it’s also difficult to prove that the driver was texting.

After a car accident, when should I file a claim?

A car accident may only take a second or two to cause major damage and serious injuries. However, the physical and financial recovery period for accident victims can take months or even years to resolve.

If you were in a car accident, you do not have that amount of time to wait for a financial settlement from the insurance companies. Medical expenses, lost income and ongoing treatment can drain your savings fast. How quickly should you file a personal injury claim?

Slow down: Raleigh schools are ready to reopen

Summer is coming to its annual hot close, which means it’s time for Raleigh students to get ready to return to school. It also means drivers should redouble efforts to pay attention to streets, sidewalks, crosswalks and traffic to help eliminate child pedestrian accidents and serious injuries.

The National Safety Council has a clear message for motorists as schools reopen across the nation and millions of kids resume their studies: slow down.

Summertime driving tips

As we enter the dog days of summer, the temperatures here in Raleigh are typically in the 80s and 90s. Sometimes even higher. A lot of residents head to the ocean in this last, hot stretch of summer or drive off for cooler climes.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration urges motorists hitting the roads for long summer trips to take a few precautions that can help prevent motor vehicle crashes and serious injuries.

Make sure to file a report if you slip and fall in a store

Few things are as embarrassing as experiencing a slip-and-fall accident in a public space. One minute you are walking through the grocery store, the next you're on your back with a group of people staring at you. It is normal for most people to want to brush it off and move on with their day. However, doing that could prove to be a costly mistake for you.

While many slip-and-fall accidents only result in minor bruising and a little damage to your pride, some can cause serious injuries. In fact, it is estimated that about 8 million people end up in emergency rooms every year due to falls. Even if you don't think you are seriously injured, take the time to report your accident to the manager or owner of the business where you fell and seek medical advice.

Insult to injury? MGM’s suit against shooting victims questioned

When Raleigh news media first reported the story, many people checked twice to make sure that they had read correctly. People across the nation were taken aback when MGM Resorts recently filed a lawsuit against the victims of last year’s Las Vegas shooting.

Though MGM (parent company of Mandalay Bay, where the shooting took place) was quick to say it wasn’t asking for money from the victims, but merely for a change from state to federal courts, it appeared that the damage to its brand was already done. Though the company said wants the personal injury, wrongful death and premises liability lawsuits resolved “quickly, fairly and efficiently,” it might not have been wise to sue the more than 800 people injured (including 422 by gunfire).

North Carolina Uber driver killed by drunk in head-on crash

Regular readers of our Raleigh personal injury law blog know that we have repeatedly written about the dangers of distracted driving and fatigued driving. Perhaps no form of behind-the-wheel recklessness and carelessness is greater than drunk driving, however.

Every year, thousands of North Carolina motor vehicle crashes are caused by drunk drivers. The wrecks result in painful injuries and needless deaths. Unfortunately, the death toll rose again this past weekend when an Uber driver was killed by a drunk driver in a head-on crash.

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