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Pursuing The Benefits You Need

Social Security Disability benefits are not usually awarded the first time you apply, nor the first time you ask for reconsideration of the refusal. It is in the government’s interest to make benefits hard to obtain, allegedly to save taxpayer money. So, it says “no.”

But that’s wrong. Social Security Disability (SSD) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) are there to assist people who can’t support themselves with work. In another time, these people would have been warehoused, become beggars, or starved. The vision behind SSD and SSI is that we are all entitled to basic dignity and support.

Appealing A Denied Social Security Claim

Although you will likely be turned down the first time you ask, SSD and SSI provide numerous avenues to appeal your denied claim:

  1. The first appeal opportunity is called an ALJ hearing, because it is heard by an administrative law judge (ALJ). You can request an ALJ hearing after your reconsideration is denied. We assist you in preparing for this hearing, and at the hearing, put your medical records in the clearest possible light.
  2. If the ALJ hearing doesn’t go your way, the second level of appeal is the Appeals Council. This appeal is really a technical review, checking for errors in the decision process.
  3. The final level of appeals often presents the last opportunity for success: filing a suit in federal District Court. At this level, you are finally out of the Social Security system. Your chances for success at this level, with the right representation, are excellent.

Assisting Disabled People In North Carolina Obtain Benefits

If it sounds like Social Security Disability benefits are deliberately difficult to obtain, you are absolutely right. The good news is that persistence often pays off.

Remember that you don’t owe our attorneys at O’Malley Tunstall, PC any attorney fees until we win benefits for you. Our lawyers won’t take on your case unless we think your chances for success are strong. So hang in there—your patience will probably be rewarded!

Our Commitment To You

Our goal is to make clients’ lives easier by steering them through a difficult, bureaucratic system. Contact our Raleigh Social Security Disability appeal attorneys at 252-214-6360 or 919-701-0401 to discuss your chances for SSD and SSI appeals success.