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Many people choose to become veterans disability lawyers to give back to those who have sacrificed so much for our country. Veterans disability lawyers help disabled veterans receive VA disability benefits, and many times these lawyers go above and beyond what is required in order to ensure that their clients are taken care of.

We owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to our veterans, and we must do everything we can to support them. Thank you for your service, and thank you to all the veteran’s disability lawyers who work tirelessly on behalf of our veterans.

Service members often return from duty after they interrupted their lives and sacrificed their health to protect the country. These heroes are stationed both nearby in Fort Bragg and oceans away. We know that Fayetteville, North Carolina, is home to many veterans. Our law firm—O’Malley Tunstall, PC—is available to proudly help these brave men and women seek Social Security Disability benefits for veterans.

As is the case with other workers, veterans can have disabilities that keep them from working. Former military members can get benefits through Social Security Disability. These benefits are separate from veterans benefits, and former service members often qualify for both. If you are a former military member with a disability, call Susan O’Malley. She is our Social Security Disability attorney serving Fayetteville veterans, and she can guide you through every step of this process. She is a Board Certified Disability Specialist in Social Security Disability law by the North Carolina State Bar. Call (919) 277-0150 to speak with her today. 

What is Veterans Disability? 

Service members with disabilities that began during active military service or were aggravated by such service are eligible to receive Veterans Disability benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). The severity of the disability determines how much a person can get and for how long. These benefits are not Social Security benefits, but they do not affect your ability to get Social Security Disability Insurance or Supplemental Security Income.

Your disability compensation is valued based on your VA disability rating. To be eligible for Veterans Disability benefits, you must have been discharged under conditions other than dishonorable, and your disability must have:

  • Resulted from an injury or disease that was incurred or aggravated during active military service
  • Been diagnosed or shown by diagnostic code
  • Be at least 10% disabling unless you are seeking benefits for certain disabilities that resulted from treatment, such as hearing loss, tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and vision loss

You may have heard of people receiving both Veterans Disability and Social Security benefits—sometimes called “concurrent benefits.” But what is the difference between these two types of benefits?

First, it is important to understand that Veterans Disability is not paid for by Social Security taxes; it comes from a different fund. You do not need to have worked or paid into the system to be eligible for Veterans Disability.

Veterans Disability benefits can be paid to veterans with service-connected disabilities as well as their dependents, including spouses, children, and parents. In contrast, Social Security only provides benefits to those who have worked long enough and paid into the system—along with their qualifying spouses and minor children.

The amount you receive from Veterans Disability does not affect your Social Security benefits. You can get both types of benefits at the same time without any offset in payments. However, if you are also receiving pension benefits from the VA, your concurrent receipt of Veterans Disability and Social Security benefits may be affected.

How Do I Apply for Veterans Disability?

The application process for Veterans Disabilities can be daunting, but an experienced attorney can help. The first step is to gather all of your medical records and military service records. You will need to provide evidence of your disability as well as proof that the disability is service-related.

The second step is to complete the Veterans Disability application. The application can be done online, but it is often helpful to have an attorney assist with this step.

The third step is to submit your application to the nearest VA Regional Office. After your claim is received, it will be assigned to a Rating Veterans Service Representative (RVSR). The RVSR will review your claim and make a decision on whether or not you are eligible for benefits.

If you are approved for benefits, you will receive a Notice of Award that outlines the amount of your monthly benefit. If you are denied benefits, you have the right to appeal the decision. An experienced attorney can help you navigate the appeals process. O’Malley Tunstall, PC is here to help. We are proud to serve those who have served our country, and we will guide you through every step of this process.

Helping Our Wounded Warriors Get SSDI Benefits 

The Wounded Warrior Project is a program serving injured veterans. Those in the program receive medical attention and pay while being assessed for a return to duty. If you are in this program, are disabled, and have been in the military for at least five years, you can begin applying for Social Security Disability benefits. We are available and ready to help you with this process.

Not all war wounds are openly visible the way an amputated limb is. At first glance, many people cannot see certain war injuries, but the unseen injuries are not any easier for veterans to live with and can still keep them from working. These injuries include traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Our law firm can help veterans with a range of medical conditions apply for Social Security Disability benefits.

We do not stop fighting for our clients. Many Social Security Disability claims are initially—and even repeatedly—denied. We guide our clients through the appeal process and represent them before administrative law judges. We are skilled trial lawyers and, if need be, we appeal cases all the way up to federal court.

What Can I Do if My Veterans Disability Claim is Denied?

If you are a disabled veteran, you may be entitled to certain benefits from the government. However, the process of applying for these benefits can be complicated, and it is not always easy to get approved. If your claim is denied, you may feel frustrated and alone. Fortunately, there are experienced veterans disability lawyers who can help you appeal the decision and get the benefits you need and deserve.

There are many reasons why a veterans disability claim might be denied. The most common reason is that the VA does not believe that the applicant is truly disabled. In order to qualify for benefits, an applicant must prove that their disability is both service-connected and prevents them from working.

Proving that a disability is service-connected can be difficult. The VA will often require extensive medical evidence, including records from the applicant’s time in service, before they will approve a claim. Even if an applicant has all of the necessary evidence, the VA may still deny the claim if they do not believe that the evidence proves that the disability is service-connected.

An experienced veterans disability lawyer can help applicants gather the necessary evidence and build a strong case for why their disability should be considered service-connected. In some cases, it may be possible to get approved for benefits without going through a lengthy appeals process. An experienced lawyer will know what evidence the VA is looking for and how to present it in a way that gives the applicant the best chance of success.

If you are a disabled veteran who has been denied benefits, do not give up. Contact an experienced veterans disability lawyer to discuss your case and learn about your options for appealing the decision. You may be entitled to benefits that you didn’t even know existed. Let a knowledgeable attorney help you get the benefits you need and deserve.

What Can a Lawyer Offer Me When I am Making a Claim? 

Claiming disability benefits with the Veterans Administration can be a confusing process. Many veterans find themselves feeling overwhelmed and alone as they try to navigate their way through the system. Fortunately, some attorneys can help disabled veterans get the benefits they need and deserve after their time of service.

A veterans disability lawyer can help you in many different ways. First, your attorney will be able to review your case and help you determine whether or not you have a valid claim. If you do have a valid claim, your lawyer will then help you gather all of the necessary documentation to support your case. This can include things like medical records, employment records, and military service records.

Your lawyer will also help you to fill out all of the necessary paperwork that is required by the Veterans Administration. This can be a complicated and time-consuming process, but your lawyer will be able to help you get it done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Finally, your lawyer will represent you during any hearings or appeals that may be necessary in your case. If your claim is denied, your lawyer will be there to help you fight for the benefits you are entitled to.

If you are a disabled veteran who is seeking benefits from the Veterans Administration, consider hiring a veterans disability lawyer to help you with your claim. A good lawyer can make all the difference in whether or not you are successful. Contact us online or call us at (919) 277-0150 to learn more about how our firm can help you. From our offices in Raleigh and Tarboro, we help veterans throughout Eastern North Carolina.