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Injured At Someone’s Home Or Business Property? We Can Help.

Were you hurt on someone’s property? Whether you are visiting someone’s home, a company’s business office, or even shopping at a retail store, you are entrusting your safety into the hands of those who own and manage the property. It is not up to you to ensure that someone else’s home or business place is free of hazards before you arrive.

Although accidents can happen anytime and anywhere, many are preventable through property maintenance. When property owners neglect their duties to maintain safe conditions for visitors, preventable accidents happen.

If you have been hurt in someone’s home or business place, O’Malley Tunstall, PC can help you. Our firm has been protecting the rights of the injured for many years, and we have a strong understanding of premises liability laws. Serving clients in Raleigh and throughout the state, we are prepared to build you a strong case for compensation.

Your Injuries Could Have Been Prevented

While it can be unreasonable to expect someone to guard their property every single minute of the day, there are many reasonable measures a home or business owner can take to prevent accidents. Some include:

  • Conducting regular building inspections
  • Cleaning the building to prevent hazards that cause slipping or tripping
  • Maintaining the function of electric equipment

Property owners or managers are especially liable for your safety if you were invited onto their property. Perhaps you agreed to visit a friend in their home. Maybe you were invited for a job interview at a company’s office. As a guest, you have every right to have your safety ensured by your host.

Regardless of your status, accidents at others’ homes and businesses can bring about serious injuries. In many cases, injuries can result in a time-consuming recovery process, having to pay unforeseen medical bills, and maybe even a loss of income.

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