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  • Who Pays the Deductible in a Car Accident?

    What is a Car Insurance Deductible? If you’re driving the roads of our beautiful state, you’d better have insurance. Otherwise, you could pay for all the extraordinary expenses out of pocket if you’re in an accident. However, even with an active car insurance policy, there exists the chance that you might still have to pay […]

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  • What is a Stage 4 Bedsore?

    What Causes Pressure Ulcers? Pressure ulcers are known by many names: bedsores, pressure sores, pressure wounds, pressure injuries, and decubitus ulcers. Whatever you choose to call them, they are painful and can grow large. In the worst cases, bedsores can be life-threatening because of their potential to cause dangerous infections. Anyone can get bedsores if […]

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  • Your Legal Rights if You’re in a Car Accident While Pregnant

    Can You Sue for Pregnancy Complications if You’re in a Car Accident? Car accidents can be painful, emotionally traumatizing, financially costly, and sometimes deadly. While many injuries are caused by the make of the vehicles involved in the crash or the speed at which they were going, certain individuals may face a higher risk of […]

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  • What Are the Signs of Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect?

    The Unthinkable: What Are the Common Indicators of Nursing Home Abuse and Neglect? The suspicion that your elderly loved one was victimized while under the care of nursing home staff is an awful sinking feeling. For many family members, there is already a sense of guilt associated with putting the elderly into a nursing home. […]

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  • What if I Am Injured by a Product that Has Been Recalled?

    What Is Product Liability? Product liability is a kind of legal claim. A product liability case is similar to a personal injury case in many ways. For example, both a personal injury lawsuit and a product liability lawsuit are only possible when there has been an injury of some sort. With a personal injury lawsuit, […]

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  • What Can I Do About Nursing Home Abuse or Neglect?

    Nursing home neglect and abuse, unfortunately, is a problem that many people face. Learning more about the types of neglect and abuse that can happen and what you can do to reduce the risks of them happening to your loved one can provide some much-needed peace of mind. Find out more about nursing home abuse […]

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  • Is football bad for the brain?

    On Behalf of O’Malley Tunstall PLLC | Oct 6, 2021 | Personal Injury It’s football season. That means young boys and men everywhere will soon be suiting up, putting on their helmets and throwing bone-crunching blocks and tackles. Putting their bodies on the line. Doing whatever it takes to carry the ball into the end zone. With the game also […]

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  • Bounce houses are not the harmless fun they seem

    On Behalf of O’Malley Tunstall PLLC | Aug 3, 2021 | Personal Injury When it comes to entertaining children at birthday parties and other kids’ events, there are a few go-to activities that seem to pop up. Animal balloon makers, face painters, yard games, and bounce houses are common. Unfortunately, bounce houses pose a serious risk of injury to children […]

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  • Why shouldn’t I talk to insurance companies after an accident?

    On Behalf of O’Malley Tunstall PLLC | Oct 1, 2020 | Personal Injury You purchased insurance to cover your expenses in case of an accident. After all, that is what insurance is for. Isn’t it? The truth is actually much more complicated. Insurance companies are for-profit corporations that hold one goal above all others: to make money. If you are […]

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  • Big step taken toward elimination of drunk driving

    On Behalf of O’Malley Tunstall PLLC | Jul 27, 2020 | Personal Injury Proponents of a bill recently passed by the U.S. House of Representatives say that if the measure becomes law, it would spell the end of drunk driving. Though the bill is not yet law – it still has to clear the Senate and be signed by the president […]

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