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On Behalf of O’Malley Tunstall PLLC | Nov 18, 2020 | Social Security Disability

Did you apply for Social Security benefits because of a disability? Was your application denied? You probably feel out of luck. You are not alone in this feeling. In fact, obtaining Social Security benefits is hard for most people.

You likely did your best on your application. You tried to understand the forms. You thought you gave the information the forms wanted. Still, the reply from the Social Security Administration was a rejection. You may feel confused and worried. What can you do now?

Finding the problem

It is understandable to feel confused after a Social Security denial. That does not mean that you cannot try again to get benefits. It does mean that you need to find out why the Social Security Administration denied your application. Some common reasons for denial include:

  • You earn too much money to qualify for benefits. Your income will play a big part in deciding if you qualify.
  • You did not do what your doctor told you. You may have not been able to afford therapy or medication.
  • Your disability only lasted a few weeks or months. The disability must last at least one year.
  • Drug or alcohol abuse caused your disability.
  • You did not give the SSA all of the information it requested. Missing information could make your disability seem less serious.
  • You did not give enough medical information with your application. Without medical information, the SSA cannot fully understand your disability.

A letter from the SSA should explain the reason for your denial. Reading that letter may help you find the reason. After understanding the reason, you may be able to fix it.

Can you have help?

You may have thought you did everything right when you applied for disability benefits. Even after reading your letter, you may not know how to fix any mistakes. The SSA often denies first-time applications. You are not the only one. Luckily, you can get help when you try again. A legal professional can help you determine what is needed and can also help you appeal your denied claim. Trying again may help you get the outcome you want.