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When Property Owners Put Safety Second

Owners of grocery stores, restaurants and any other types of properties where the public is invited inside are required to keep their properties safe for public use. This means regularly maintaining and repairing, as well as warning of hazards such as slippery floors.

When these property owners fail to carry out that duty and people are injured as a result, they need to be held accountable. Claims made against property owners by personal injury victims are premises liability claims.

Types Of Accidents Property Visitors May Suffer

At the North Carolina law firm of O’Malley Tunstall PLLC, our attorneys are strong advocates for the injured. We will help you fight for the full compensation you deserve after an injury on someone else’s property. These types of cases may include:

  • Slip-and-fall accidents — Spilled liquids, produce, debris, unsecured entrance mats and other hazards can cause serious injuries when someone slips and falls.
  • Falling merchandise accidents — Big-box retailers place heavy goods on shelves that are tall enough that any falling objects can cause very serious injuries.
  • Bounce house accidentsInflatable bounce houses are a staple at many children’s birthday parties. But, what happens when a child is hurt in one?
  • Convention center accidents — Convention centers such as the Raleigh Convention Center can host tens of thousands of people every week depending on which events are scheduled. There are many risks for attendees in these large venues.
  • Negligent security incidents — When property owners know there may be security risks for their patrons, they owe a duty to take measures to ensure the safety of the people who come on their property. When they fail in that respect, injuries may occur as the result of an assault, robbery or some other type of attack.

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