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At Your Side When Manufacturers Put Safety Second

There are many products on the market that shouldn’t be. They are defective in one of these ways:

They were designed poorly: a toaster that starts fires, a car that flips over, a tire that blows out at high speed.

They were manufactured in a defective way: a wrongly compounded batch of painkillers, tainted ground beef, a battery that explodes.

They were inadequately labeled: a solvent that needs venting, but the label doesn’t explain how.

Dangerous products can be almost anything — a tool, a toy, a grocery item, a medical device, a pharmaceutical, construction materials, cars, tires, brakes, lighting, products containing asbestos. The injuries they cause can be life-threatening or even life-ending.

To Bring Suit Against = To Sue

Your main recourse when you or a loved one has suffered from a dangerous or defective product is a personal injury suit, in which you make your case for compensation for the injuries caused to you.

These kinds of cases can be quite complex, as your attorneys must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the product did in fact result in injury. But our legal knowledge and our analytical and persuasive abilities have led to numerous significant settlements and awards for clients.

Eastern North Carolina’s Product Liability Lawyers

Our goal at all times is to obtain maximum compensation for the injuries you have received. This includes lost wages, medical expenses, and any pain and suffering your injuries have caused you.

Contact our dangerous products lawyers online or call 252-618-0078 or 919-748-5440, or toll free 855-975-2625, to schedule a free case evaluation. Remember — we do not charge you one cent in fees until our Raleigh product liability lawyers succeed in winning damages for you.

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