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When A Serious Fall Ends A Career

Gravity is the reason for many serious workplace injuries. Painters fall from ladders. Construction workers fall from scaffolds and walkways. A worker on the roof falls while cleaning a gutter. Highway trucks tip over and tumble into ditches. Truckers fall from their trucks. Even a filing clerk carrying papers down to the second floor can be seriously injured in a fall.

Sometimes it is the worker falling, and sometimes it is something heavy falling on the worker. Sometimes it is a slip and fall — tripping on the carpet or slipping on spilled liquid. However the accident happens, the injuries can be very serious, costing thousands in medical bills.

Roof Injury ∙ Crane And Scaffolding Injury ∙ Construction Site Injury

When falling accidents occur on the job, workers’ compensation should kick in automatically. But many employers are reluctant to pay their share, and injury claims require experienced legal support.

At O’Malley Tunstall PLLC, of Raleigh, we represent workers injured in every kind of fall, some of which result in catastrophic conditions like severe injuries to the brain or serious spinal damage. Our attorneys represent people hurt on the job, but also in premises liability (slip-and-fall) situations. When disability results from the fall, our lawyers are able to counsel clients on obtaining Social Security Disability benefits.

Compensation For Falling Injuries In Raleigh, North Carolina

In worst cases, where a fall results in death, we work with surviving family members to obtain compensation for the wrongful loss of a breadwinner, caregiver or child.

Hurt in a fall injury in the workplace? Call O’Malley Tunstall PLLC today, at 252-618-0078, 919-748-5440 or toll-free 855-975-2625, for a free, no-obligation case evaluation. Or write to us using this online form.

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