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How second shift, overnight workers can stay alert when driving

If you work the second shift, generally from 4 p.m. to midnight, or the overnight shift while most people sleep, you experience a side of the world that many others do not. You may also run into problems that people who work during the day normally bypass. For example, you could be on the roads at a time when there are more drunk or distracted drivers around, and darkness limits everyone's visibility. You no doubt know it is dangerous to drive while fatigued, so here are some ways you can stay alert.

Drowsy drivers are more at risk for car accidents

North Carolina motorists are aware that they shouldn't drink and drive. Many of them also probably know they shouldn't drive while distracted, such as talking or sending text messages on a cellphone or texting someone. Unfortunately, however, many of these drivers may not hesitate to get behind the wheel when they're sleepy, but doing so could result in the same disastrous consequences.

Human Error Can Trigger Massive Jump in Accident Numbers

Los Angeles drivers made national news the weekend before Thanksgiving when there were reportedly hundreds of accidents because of a torrential downpour that dumped up to two inches of rain in the area. While we on the Atlantic Seaboard may have a laugh at the idea of these Californians panicking because of a little rain, North Carolina drivers are not immune to accidents in the rain.

Winter Biking Tips in Raleigh

Winters in Raleigh are never going to be mistaken for blustery Chicago or Boulder. That's good news for those bike commuters and enthusiasts out there who like to ride year round. Unless you are in the mountains in the western part of the state, snow is rarely an issue, nor are frozen road surfaces.

Accident On I-95 Illustrates The Dangers Of Rubbernecking

We have all done it. People see an accident on the highway and traffic slows to a crawl just so everyone can get a good look at what happened. But, what many people do not realize is the danger that is actually caused when people unexpectedly slow down on the highway to look at an accident.

Fiery crash in North Carolina kills 2

Police have reported that two people were killed in a fiery three-vehicle crash in North Carolina on the evening of July. 28. The accident took place in the southbound lanes of Interstate 85 in Davidson County at approximately 10:18 p.m. The North Carolina Highway Patrol say that they are still investigating the incident, but initial reports indicate that excessive speed and reckless driving may have been factors.

The impact of red-light running

While traffic lights provide a sense of order on North Carolina roads, it is important to realize that human error or disobedience could lead to accidents in spite of good traffic management. Drivers could run a red light because they are running late. A distraction could also lead to missing a red light and running through an intersection. In some cases, cellphone use could draw a driver's attention from the road, causing the motorist to take off prematurely while waiting for a signal change. Regardless of the reason for running a light, a driver who does so could cause serious damages to others.

Automakers accept liability for self-driving cars

Regulations often need time to catch up with technological advances, and autonomous cars, which may appear on North Carolina roads in the years to come, raise questions about accident liability. Current laws require drivers to insure their vehicles, but when a vehicle does the driving, assignment of liability becomes murky.

Some drivers prosecuted for accidents caused by auto defects

Many North Carolina motorists may have owned vehicles that were subject to recall in 2014. Many of those recalls were for safety defects, and some of the cars had been operating on the road with these unsafe parts for years. Drivers have been involved in serious accidents because of these defects, and there have even been some extremely unfortunate occurrences where people have been prosecuted and convicted for their part in car accidents that now appear to have been caused by defective parts.

Accident injuries in North Carolina

Being involved in a car accident is an unexpected, stressful event that often leaves people unaware that they have incurred certain injuries. Whether more significant physical trauma has masked less noticeable harm or the numbing shock of the event has covered signs and symptoms, the effects of some damage may appear hours or days later.

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