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Motor Vehicle Accident

Plaintiffs vs. Coastal Beverage Company Edgecombe County 03 CVS 223

Beer truck crossed center line and hit plaintiff head-on, causing serious injuries to hand, elbow and leg as well as internal injuries.

$2.25 million total settlement. April 2005

Floyd v. Harris Vance County 01 CVS 1136

Rear-end collision resulting in compression fracture of cervical and thoracic disks.

$5 million verdict by the court (recovery was reduced due to available insurance.) June 2005

Monroe vs. Estate of Barbara Hussey Bladen County

Auto accident resulting in plaintiff suffering right leg compound fracture and lower back pain as well as internal injuries

$492,500 total settlement. December 2002

Brown vs. Kilpatrick Trucking Edgecombe County 03 CVS 302

Accident between two commercial trucking vehicles. Twenty percent permanent partial loss of use of the hand.

$300,000 verdict May 2005

Harris vs. Bass Farms, Inc. Nash County 03 CVS 968

Broken arm and shoulder injury in single car accident.

$300,000 settlement. March 2005

Williams vs. Whidbee Hertford County 03 CVS 365

Cervical neck and back injury. Rear-ended by logging truck.

$275,000 settlement. December 2005

Pridgen vs. Children’s Home Nash County 03 CVS 910

Forklift operator pinned him against delivery truck. Broken leg with rod placement.

$200,000 settlement. May 2005

Smith vs. FedEx and the City of Farmville Pitt County 01 CVS 581

Multiple bruises and concussion. FedEx truck ran stop sign. City failed to properly maintain trees in right of way which covered stop sign.

$165,000 settlement. October 2004

Unnamed Wife vs. Unnamed Husband Halifax County

Simple automobile negligence. Broken ankle.

$150,0000 settlement

Heath vs. Wallace Edgecombe County 01 CVS 607

Shoulder injury. Best offer before trial $5,000; $23 in property damage to plaintiff’s vehicle.

$100,0000 jury verdict. August 2003

Unnamed Plaintiff vs. Unnamed Defendant Nash County

Rear end collision. Neck and shoulder injury. Best offer before trial $5,0000.

$80,0000 Verdict.

Lloyd v. Daughtridge Edgecombe Co. 04 CVS 865

Rear-end collision with chiropractic treatment and 5 percent permanency rating.

$50,0000 Verdict. October 2005

Slip and Fall

Stokely vs. Oil Company, Inc. Halifax County 00 CVS 506

Slipped and fell in convenience store.

$720,000 recovery including $120,0000 consortium recovery. April 2001

Premises Liability

Brady vs. K-Mart Edgecombe County 00 CVS 477

Improperly stored objects fell from overhead, causing ruptured cervical disk. Best offer before trial $70,000.

$215,000 verdict. February 2005

Social Security Disability

Joyner vs. Barnhart, No. 2:03-CV-24-BO(1) (2004)

Mr. Joyner became disabled on May 29, 2001. He applied for Social Security Disability benefits and was denied. Our firm appealed the denial through to the United States District Court for Eastern District of North Carolina. The Court found that Mr. Joyner’s treating physician’s opinion regarding disability should have been given controlling weight. The Court granted Plaintiff’s Motion for a Judgment on the Pleadings and awarded benefits to Mr. Joyner.

Workers’ Compensation

Childers vs. Industrial Automation Solutions Halifax County

Ruptured Disc and Thoracic spine Injury.

$275,000 June 1998

Salesman vs. Office Machine Services and Sales Edgecombe County

Neck and Shoulder Injury.

$180,000 2004

Darrell Morris v. Barnes Transportation Bertie County

Neck surgery and fusion C3-C4.

$155,000 October 2005

Moore vs. Moore Paint & Wallpaper Edgecombe County IC file # 059376

Ruptured disc.

$150,000 April 2002

Traveling Employee vs. Inco Construction Edgecombe County

Closed head injury, herniated disc C6-C7 suffered in a car accident on the way home from work. Travel was part of his employment.

$150,000 October 23, 2003

Salesperson vs. Avon Products, Inc. Nash County

Thirty percent permanent partial disability to the back from lifting boxes for work.

$150,000 October 13, 1998

Braddy vs. Mayo Knitting Mill Edgecombe County

Lumbar spine injuries causing cauda equina syndrome from fall at work.

$150,0000 December 11, 1998

Hedgepeth vs. Mayo Knitting Mill Edgecombe County

L5-S1 disc injury.

$142,500 November 19, 1998

Wiggins vs. Fulflex, Inc. Halifax County

Lumbar spine injury.

$140,903 December 22, 1997

Futrell vs. K-Mart Corporation Halifax County

Disc Injury to L4-L5 and L5-L1 when shelves fell on employee at work.

$140,000 February 26, 2002

Murphy vs. Raleigh Lion’s Clinic for the Blind Wake County

Lumbar and thoracic spine injury in forklift accident at work.

$140,000 March 22, 1999

McGary vs. AAA Heating & Air Conditioning Edgecombe County

Lumbar spine injury.

$125,000 April 27, 1998

Wynne v. Bank of America Beaufort County

Neck surgery – Defendant only accepted compensability of the injury after multiple pre-hearing depositions.

$125,000 August 2005

Stokely vs. First Carolina Management, Inc. Halifax County

Aggravation of Chiari Syndrome.

$125,000 September 11, 2001

Thomas vs. Abbott Laboratories Nash County

Lumbar spine injury with nerve damage affecting leg.

$115,000 May 2, 2001

Willey vs. Williams Produce

A trucker’s family can collect worker’s compensation death benefits, in the wake of a Supreme Court ruling, even though a doctor said the trucker’s driving was impaired by drugs and his rig was seen weaving before a fatal crash.

$127,072 total recovery 2002

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