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Deadly Dangers On North Carolina Roads

Commercial trucks are everywhere these days, making frequent starts and stops, pulling suddenly out into traffic and very often becoming involved in serious accidents.

You know these kinds of fleet trucks and vans. They include air, ground and freight delivery trucks; grocery and frozen food delivery trucks; florist vans; pizza, ice cream and other food delivery vehicles; taxis, limousines, shuttles and buses; and a host of moving, excavation and construction vehicles.

Commerce is important, but it is not a good excuse for the many hundreds of serious injuries that occur annually because a driver was untrained or exhausted, or a fleet operator did not properly maintain and equip its vehicles.

Compensation From FedEx, UPS And Other Commercial Fleets

If you have been injured in a collision involving a fleet truck or van, you are likely entitled to compensation through a personal injury claim. O’Malley Tunstall PLLC of Raleigh has been serving injured Eastern North Carolina residents for years, obtaining maximum compensation for serious injury, catastrophic injury and death.

Our lawyers are knowledgeable about the many liability laws involving commercial truck accident injuries. We will help you get the money to pay for your hospital and doctor bills, time away from work, and for the pain and misery your injury has caused you.

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