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Good news for SSD benefits recipients

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2020 | Social Security Disability

Across Raleigh, the nation and around the world, the sentiment is the same: people long for a return to the life we had a few weeks ago. There have been glimmers of hope that North Carolina and other areas will cautiously begin to reopen in coming days.

The federal government’s stimulus is part of the effort to keep the economy alive while we fight to contain the coronavirus. Social Security Disability (SSD) recipients are included among those to receive payments of up to $1,200 each ($2,400 per couple) with an extra $500 for each dependent child age 16 and under.

While many Americans have already received their stimulus payments, most of those receiving SSD are still waiting. The good news is that SSD recipients are expected to begin receiving their payments this week.

The IRS will deposit the funds in the account used by the Social Security Administration (SSA) for your SSD payments. If you normally receive your SSD by debit card or paper check, you will receive your stimulus payment in the same manner.

If you’re an SSD recipient who didn’t file an income tax return in either of the past two years, and you have a qualified dependent child, you were required to register for the additional $500 payment by April 22 (we wrote about this requirement in a previous blog post). If you weren’t able to do that, don’t worry. You will still receive the $1,200 as scheduled, and you can even claim the $500 by filing a 2020 federal income tax return.

If you have been disabled by injury or illness and have had your SSD application rejected, contact a Raleigh attorney experienced in successful Social Security Disability appeals.


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