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Part II: Raleigh’s most dangerous intersections

On Behalf of | Mar 13, 2020 | Truck Accidents

Regular readers of our Raleigh personal injury blog will undoubtedly recall that we recently wrote about our city’s most dangerous intersections. According to WRAL, motor vehicle crashes have increased by a jaw-dropping 45 percent over the past decade, significantly outpacing the 26 percent population increase over the same time.

WRAL reports that it investigated state Department of Transportation 2014-2018 crash data, which enabled it to determine which intersections are most dangerous not only in Raleigh, but in nearby communities as well.

The most dangerous intersection, WRAL reports, is north Raleigh’s Capital Boulevard interchange with Interstate 440. That single spot is where 484 crashes took place in the 2014-2018 period.

The TV station says its investigation has determined that the most dangerous intersections in Durham are:

  • 302 crashes: I-40/Fayetteville Road
  • 290: I-40/NC 55
  • 251: I-85/Guess Road
  • 245: I-40/US 15-501
  • 218: I-40/NC 54
  • 215: Roxboro St/Durham Freeway
  • 210: I-85/N. Roxboro Road
  • 204: Wake Forest Highway/Holloway St.

The worst intersections in Fayetteville:

  • 226: US 401/Morganton Road
  • 222: Skibo Road/Raeford Road
  • 219: S. Reilly Road/Cliffdale Road
  • 217: Raeford Road/Hope Mills Road
  • 216: US 401/All American Freeway
  • 201: Skibo Road/Cliffdale Road
  • 179: All American Freeway/Santa Fe Drive
  • 171: US 401/Yadkin Road/McPherson Church Road

The problems at these intersections and others include distracted drivers, impaired drivers and motorists who are trying to beat the yellow lights and red lights. Far too often, they strike or are struck by other drivers.

Those who have been hurt in these crashes should contact a Raleigh law office experienced in effective personal injury litigation.


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