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Part I: Raleigh’s most dangerous intersections

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2020 | Truck Accidents

While the Triangle is growing at a faster clip than most other parts of North Carolina, there is a part of Wake County life growing even more rapidly: motor vehicle crashes. According to Raleigh’s WRAL, wrecks in the country have surged 45 percent over the past decade, far outpacing the 26 percent population growth over the same period.

The TV station says that it investigated state Department of Transportation accident data from 2014 to 2018, which enabled it to pinpoint the most dangerous intersections in Raleigh and other areas. Unsurprisingly, high-volume intersections on Wake Forest Road, Capital Boulevard and Western Boulevard inside the Interstate 440 Beltline have unusually high crash rates.

The most dangerous intersection in our area is north Raleigh’s Capital Boulevard interchange with I-440, with 484 motor vehicle wrecks in the 2014-2018 period, which averages out to nearly two crashes per week over those five years.

According to WRAL, here’s the rest of Raleigh’s top crash-heavy spots:

  • I-440 interchange at Wake Forest Road: 470 crashes
  • Interstate 40 at South Saunders Street: 467
  • I-440 interchange with New Bern Avenue: 427
  • I-440 interchange with Glenwood Avenue: 404
  • I-440/Six Forks Road: 357
  • Glenwood Ave/Blue Ridge Road/Lead Mine Road: 333
  • I-40/I-440 (near Garner): 325

Raleigh’s traffic engineer said, “All crashes are not created equal.” He pointed out that it’s reasonable to expect that the busiest intersections to have the most crashes. He and his co-workers have a different priority, however: “We try to find locations where the crashes are severe.”

The most severe wrecks occur at the following intersections:

  • Corporation Parkway and New Hope Road in east Raleigh
  • Dawson Street at South Street downtown
  • Falls of Neuse Road at Common Oaks Drive in north Raleigh

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a crash – no matter the location – contact a Raleigh law firm experienced in personal injury and wrongful death litigation.

Please check back with our blog for more about the most dangerous intersections in our area.



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