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New Social Security Disability rule hailed as modernization

On Behalf of | Feb 25, 2020 | Social Security Disability

According to the American Immigration Council, about 8 percent of North Carolina’s total population is foreign-born. Immigrants make up an even larger share of the state’s labor force. For instance, 44 percent of those working in farming, fishing and forestry industries are immigrants.

Those numbers help make it clear why a new rule that will help to modernize Social Security Disability is so important. The new regulation has a name that includes some bureaucratic jargon, however: , Removing the Inability to Communicate in English as an Education Category.

Social Security Commissioner Andrew Saul says the change will modernize a disability rule that has been in place since 1978; a regulation that is simply outdated and no longer effective in 2020. “The workforce and work opportunities have changed, and outdated regulations need to be revised to reflect today’s world,” Saul said.

The new rule eliminates the inability to communicate in English as a factor in determining eligibility for SSD benefits.

While the Social Security Administration considers an SSD applicant’s education as part of its evaluation of whether or not a medical condition prevents the applicant from working, research shows that the inability to communicate in English is no longer an accurate measure of a person’s education level. The agency hails its new final rule as a more accurate reflection of today’s labor force.

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