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Injured in a trip, slip and fall accident in Raleigh?

Everyone who has walked the aisles of a big box retail outlet or a grocery store knows that on rainy days, the floors can become wet and slippery. And when customers (or customers’ kids) aren’t careful, spills can likewise lead to dangerously slippery surfaces that can result in slip and fall injuries. Likewise, cracks and holes in sidewalks and parking lots can cause visitors to fall and suffer painful injuries.

What should you do if you have slipped or tripped and fallen in a Raleigh store or outside on store property and suffered an injury?

First of all, you should know that slips, falls and injuries are not uncommon. Far too often, careless maintenance of the property is the culprit. Aisles are not kept clean and dry or outside maintenance of the parking lot has been neglected.

If the area where you slipped and fell is part of the store’s property (inside or out) and the owner failed to take proper precautions to fix a problem or hazard, the owner can often be held responsible for your injuries and be required to compensate you for medical bills (including projected future medical costs), lost wages (and projected decrease in income), emotional distress and permanent disability or disfigurement.

If you have tripped or slipped and fallen on someone else’s property and been injured, it is important to report the incident as quickly as your injuries allow. It is also important for you (or a friend or family member) to get contact information from people who witnessed the incident.

If you cannot do so, have that trusted friend or family member take photos of you, your injury and the place where the trip, slip and fall occurred.

Most important, of course, is to get immediate medical care for your injuries. In some cases of neck and back injuries, the pain might not manifest itself for a few days. Regardless, experts say that you should get the professional care you need when you need it.

Lastly, contact a Raleigh attorney experienced in premises liability litigation to discuss your legal options.


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