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Deadly highway crash involves tour bus, 18-wheelers

On Behalf of | Jan 5, 2020 | Truck Accidents

Raleigh news outlets are reporting that there was a tragic bus accident early this morning. At least five people were killed in the crash on the Pennsylvania Turnpike in which approximately 60 people have been hospitalized with injuries.

In addition to the tour bus, two tractor-trailers and a passenger vehicle were also involved in the violent highway wreck.

According to news reports, State Police believe the bus was traveling downhill in a curve when it struck an embankment. The two big rigs were following the bus and then slammed into it.

Many of our readers will undoubtedly recall other recent bus crashes, including the following:

  • Utah: A bus headed to Bryce Canyon National Park rolled and slammed into a guard rail in September. Four people were killed injuries that were serious to critical.
  • Illinois: A little more than a year ago, an 18-wheeler going the wrong way on Interstate 74 collided with a school bus carrying a girl’s high school basketball team. An adult volunteer with the team was killed, as was the truck driver.
  • Mississippi: a tour bus hit a patch of ice on Interstate 269 and flipped over in November 2018. Two passengers died and 44 others suffered injuries that included broken limbs, broken ribs and concussions.
  • New Mexico: a bus and 18-wheeler collided in late August 2018. Eight people died in the violent crash while others suffered serious injuries. The cause of the crash is not known, but investigators continue to examine the truck’s tires.

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