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What to do when a long-term disability claim is denied

No one wants to file for long-term disability insurance benefits. But sometimes circumstances give a person no choice. Some of the most common scenarios involve workers who become disabled in a work-related accident or who are diagnosed with a disabling work-related illness. There are also situations in which a person becomes disabled by injuries sustained in a motor vehicle accident caused by another driver’s negligence or in a slip and fall incident at a business or on someone else’s property.

There is little more frustrating to someone in one of those situations to be denied long-term disability benefits.

A recent news article on subject pointed out that far too often “insurance claims adjusters can often make a policyholder feel like an enemy” when they apply for benefits. What to do then when your claim is denied?

The first step, the writer says, is to speak with your doctor. If he or she says you are able to return to work, it would make little sense for you to fight the claim denial. But if they say that you have a long-term disability, it is time to appeal the denial.

An attorney who helps clients appeal long-term disability denials said that people often tell him that they paid for a policy privately, or got it through their employer, and believe they should be protected by it. “Why isn’t it?” they will ask. “Why do I feel that my disability claims adjuster is my enemy?”

For those in this situation, it makes sense to get the legal help they need with an appeal. A Raleigh attorney experienced in obtaining favorable LTD outcomes can help you protect yourself and your family in these crucial matters.


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