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Truck crash injury victims awarded $35 million by jury

On Behalf of | May 15, 2019 | Truck Accidents

If you drive southwest of Raleigh for a little more than four hours, you will arrive in Orangeburg County, South Carolina. That is where a jury recently awarded a father and son $35 million in a personal injury lawsuit.

The two were injured in a commercial truck crash nearly four years ago on Interstate 26 when a truck slammed into the back of their vehicle, a news report stated.

The men sustained “severe neck, back and other injuries, requiring hospitalization and significant medical expenses,” according to the news source.

The jury deliberated for only an hour and a half after the five-day trial to reach their decision. Trucking company JHOC, Inc. (doing business as Premier Transportation) is to pay the men $33.6 million.

The company and its driver had a “reckless, willful, wanton . . . conscious disregard” for the safety and rights of the men, the jury’s verdict stated.

About $24 million of the verdict was for punitive damages, the news source reported.

The collision occurred as the father was driving west on the interstate at about 60 mph. He was driving behind a vehicle that had mechanical problems; he apparently stopped to avoid hitting it. That is when the large commercial truck slammed into the back of his stopped vehicle at about 45 mph.

Some might read of this truck accident and large award to the men and think that they were fortunate to come away with so much money. The reality is that everyone involved in these types of violent collisions would much prefer to avoid the trauma of the crash and long-lasting pain of their injuries.


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