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Stop and read: April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Raleigh media is like and national news outlets; all spend much of their air time and page space devoted to political scandals, sports, entertainment and the weather. While all certainly have their place, those topics too often crowd out important issues deserving of time and attention.

One example of an overlooked topic: April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. As our regular readers understand, distracted driving wreaks havoc on North Carolina streets and roads every day, as it does across the nation. When the distracted driver is behind the wheel of a large commercial truck, the odds of serious injuries and fatalities are even worse for motorists in passenger vehicles. 

Perhaps the worst thing about all those wrecks is that they are all entirely preventable. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, even devices designed to minimize distractions can themselves be distracting. Take, for instance, voice-activated technology standard on many vehicles today; the tech can dial phone numbers for driver, select music, get directions or send texts.

The problem is that all of those things take the driver’s mind off of the streets and traffic – sometimes for as long as 27 seconds after the driver activates the device. That means that the vehicle will travel nearly a half of a mile at 65 mph in that time – all with the driver’s attention elsewhere.

Despite the dangers of distracted driving, a recent survey found that about half of people admit talking on the phone while behind the wheel and more than a third say they have sent a text or email.

Those who are harmed by a distracted driver can pursue full compensation for all damages, however. An attorney experienced in personal injury litigation can help you decide how best to protect yourself and your family.



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