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Interstate 95 big rig crash near Raleigh leaves two injured

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2019 | Truck Accidents

It takes just a little while to drive the 30 miles southeast of Raleigh to get to Smithfield. The Johnston County seat was earlier this week the site of an 18-wheeler crash on Interstate 95 that resulted in injuries to two people, law enforcement officials said.

The big rig collided with an RV camper, WRAL reported.

A North Carolina State Highway Patrol spokesperson said the crash began when the driver of an SUV slammed on the brakes to avoid tire debris on the highway.

The SUV’s sharp, sudden braking prompted the trucker to slam on his rig’s brakes in order to avoid hitting the SUV. The 18-wheeler was then hit from behind by an RV towing a car, the Highway Patrol spokesperson said.

The impact of the collision caused the RV to become hooked on to the big rig’s trailer, but the truck driver did not immediately realize that he was dragging the smaller vehicle. After the vehicles came to halt, emergency responders required about an hour to get the RV driver out of his mangled vehicle.

State transportation officials reported that an injured person was flown to Raleigh’s WakeMed, while another was taken by ambulance to the same facility. There was no word in WRAL’s report on the medical condition of the two or whether they had been inside the RV or big rig.

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