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Distracted North Carolina cop causes rear-end crash

It really doesn’t matter if you are trained to drive safely and help make our streets, roads and highways safer. No matter who you are and regardless of what you do to earn a living, distracted driving causes motor vehicle crashes that can involve serious injuries and deaths.

This point was illustrated recently by a North Carolina police officer who crashed his vehicle into another car while he was distracted by his vehicle’s in-dash computer, a news report stated.

The officer was driving a Wilmington Police Department police cruiser and was looking at information on the in-car computer. He failed to notice that traffic had come to a stop. He crashed his cruiser into the back of another vehicle, causing damage to the rear of the other vehicle and damage to the front of the cruiser.

According to a news report, the officer sustained leg injuries in the wreck. He is currently on medical leave while his injuries heal. The report did not mention any injuries to the driver of the other vehicle.

An accident report stated that the officer “failed to reduce speed in order to avoid a collision.” The police car was moving at about 35 miles per hour at the moment of impact.

Though there were thousands of dollars in damage to each of the two vehicles, there was apparently only one injury in the wreck. We hope the officer recovers quickly and takes with him a valuable lesson: always pay attention to the traffic, road and signage.

Those who have been hurt in a Raleigh crash caused by a distracted driver should contact an attorney experienced in personal injury litigation.


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