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Your right to appeal a denied Social Security Disability claim

As a working adult, you have paid into Social Security for most of your life. The point of Social Security is included in its name. It provides some form of financial security and stability for individuals who can no longer generate income on their own. Whether someone has a need due to injury or age, these benefits help people maintain independence.

Unfortunately, some Americans will end up needing access to Social Security because of a disabling illness or injury. Extreme medical conditions can cause symptoms that keep you from ever working again. The monthly amount of income from Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits can help quite a bit.

Applying for Social Security Disability benefits is usually the first step for individuals who can no longer work. Unfortunately, some of these individuals will find their claims denied even though they have conditions so extreme that they can no longer care for themselves.

Everyone has the right to appeal a denial

Social Security Disability benefits can be a life-or-death matter for some people. The state takes access to these benefits seriously, and the law protects the rights of those who may eventually need disability income.

In the event that there is an issue with your initial claim and you receive a denial, you have the legal right to file an appeal. An appeal ensures that someone else will review your file, giving you a second chance to prove your need for SSD benefits.

The appeals process typically involves gathering additional evidence about your medical condition and correcting any issues, if any, in the initial paperwork. Although it is easy to feel discouraged after receiving a letter denying your initial claim, it is important that you remain focused on the end result, which is the ability to support yourself.

Getting professional help can make a difference in your claim

If your claim for Social Security Disability benefits is rejected, take proactive steps to connect with the benefits you need. Working with an attorney is often the best option for someone in this scenario.

An attorney can shoulder the burden of stress that comes with appealing a claim denial. They can also educate you more about your rights and advocate for you at your hearing. Instead of giving up when the state tries to deny your claim, you should take action to get access to the benefits that you deserve. After all, you have paid into Social Security for as long as you have worked.


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