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Raleigh pedestrians, drivers urged to be more aware of traffic

The laws of physics come into clear view when a car weighing several tons of metal, rubber and glass strikes a human made of flesh and blood. We see far too many pedestrian accidents in Raleigh, including a recent fatal one involving a 21-year-old woman.

The deadly crash on Trawick Road near New Bern Avenue left the young woman’s friends and family in mourning. Police responded to the tragedy by calling for more awareness of pedestrian safety.

One resident told a WRAL reporter that he had also tried to cross New Bern Avenue when a vehicle approached. “The guy evidently wasn’t paying attention to the light and he just went through the light and if I hadn’t jumped back when I did, he would have hit me,” the man said.

The woman who was recently killed was wearing black clothing at the time, news reports stated.

“The most important thing for pedestrians is obviously to be seen,” said a Raleigh Police Department spokesperson who works with the department’s accident reconstruction team. “The biggest thing is to wear reflective clothing, bright-colored clothing, and if it’s low-visibility, fog or at night time, wear some type of light,” the spokesperson said.

There were 231 pedestrian accidents in Raleigh in 2017, with 14 deaths. Last year, there were 255 wrecks involving pedestrians and another 12 fatalities.

Everyone is agreed that pedestrians need to be aware of traffic and their visibility. They should also use crosswalks and common sense, of course.

On the other side of the equation, drivers also need to be aware of traffic and pedestrians. For many drivers, that means focusing on their vehicles and surroundings rather than their phones. Distractions are a leading cause of crashes, injuries and traffic deaths.

If you have been harmed by a distracted or otherwise careless driver, contact a personal injury attorney experienced in obtaining full compensation for all damages.


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