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Jury awards North Carolina trooper injured in bus crash $7 million

On Behalf of | Jan 22, 2019 | Car Accidents

It was just about the worst Christmas gift a person could receive. Back in 2014, a North Carolina state trooper was seriously injured in a crash on Interstate 40 caused by a bus driver. The wreck happened on Christmas Eve while the trooper was investigating a deadly Alamance County motor vehicle accident.

The crash occurred though lights on the trooper’s SUV and other emergency vehicles were flashing. The bus hit the trooper’s vehicle at nearly 70 mph. A jury that heard the officer’s personal injury lawsuit recently awarded him $7 million.

The trooper was working an accident scene near Mebane, sitting in the front seat of a Highway Patrol Chevy Tahoe when the bus traveling from Atlanta to Raleigh hit it from behind, pushing it more than 150 feet. The officer suffered multiple broken bones in the crash.

The Greyhound bus driver had driven more hours than allowed by federal regulations, according to court documents. He had left Atlanta about 1 am, with stops in Charlotte and Greensboro, before the 10 am wreck. The bus was on cruise control at the time, traveling at its maximum allowed speed of 68 mph when it hit the SUV.

The jury’s decision followed a two-week trial in New Bern’s federal courthouse.

Though the crash was more than four years ago, the trooper is unable to work due to injuries to his neck and back, as well as the psychological trauma he suffered. He will be unable to rejoin the Highway Patrol, according to an article by the Raleigh News & Observer.

We hope the officer continues his recovery until it is complete.

Those injured in commercial vehicle wrecks caused by carelessness should speak with an attorney experienced in obtaining maximum compensation in personal injury litigation.


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