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Study: distracted driving crash injuries tend to be more severe

You can see them all over Raleigh: drivers paying attention to their phones rather than the roads, other vehicles and traffic signals. A new study says motor vehicle crashes caused by distracted drivers typically cause more severe injuries and fatalities than other wrecks.

The findings by researchers at the Risk Institute at Ohio State University make sense. After all, distracted drivers are reading text messages or watching videos, and are therefore unable to brake or swerve to avoid collisions or minimize the force of impact.

The researchers said distracted driving crashes tend to be especially devastating when involving rear-end collisions and wrecks on interstate highways or in road work zones. The study points out that roundabouts (also known as traffic circles) can lower risks of crashes and diminish their severity by compelling motorists to pay attention.

The Washington Post article points out that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration states that about 9 percent of all fatal wrecks in 2016 were caused by distracted drivers.

The Risk Institute’s paper features analysis of 1.4 million police accident reports filed in the four-year period ending in 2017. During the time frame, distracted driving crashes increased around the nation, now accounting for 48 percent of all wrecks.

The researchers said the most dangerous group of drivers are those between ages 20 and 24.

If you or a loved one has been hurt in a collision caused by a distracted driver, contact a Raleigh law firm experienced in obtaining justice and maximum compensation for victims.


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