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Drivers posing dangers to Thanksgiving weekend travelers

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means turkey, stuffing, cranberries and family are just around the corner as well. Many Raleigh residents drive across town or to other North Carolina cities to get together with friends and loved ones.

Because Thanksgiving weekend is the most heavily traveled period of the year, those of us who drive over the next few days are at increased risk of being injured in a motor vehicle accident.

According to a news source, there are several different types of drivers who pose the greatest dangers to holiday travelers:

  • Drowsy drivers: far too often, drivers of commercial vehicles are behind the wheel of big rigs for extended periods with too little sleep. Of course, individuals driving passenger cars can push themselves to drive when they should be resting, too. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety says one in five drivers responsible for fatal crashes was driving while drowsy.
  • Drunk drivers: the Centers for Disease Control says one person dies in an alcohol-related crash every 51 minutes somewhere in the U.S.
  • Distracted drivers: the National Safety Council’s experts estimate that one in four motor vehicle crashes involves the use of a cell phone.

Of course, excess speed is also a factor in traffic wrecks. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says speed factors into 70 percent of all fatal accidents – many of which also include distraction, impairment or fatigue.

Those who are injured in crashes caused by negligent drivers can hold the perpetrator accountable with the help of an attorney experienced in personal injury litigation.


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