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Second Wreck – Use the Same Attorney?

Second Wreck – Use the Same Attorney?

Can you have more than one case with a law firm?  Should you? Often I get asked by clients that since your already handling my case should I get a new firm to handle my new case?  Isn’t it a conflict of interest?

First, YES you can have more than one case with a law firm.  In fact, often it makes sense as they already know you.  They may have been involved in an automobile collision and then had a slip and fall or workers’ compensation case and yes they already have your medical records, your history and a level of trust with you.  It just makes sense.

Word on the street is that it creates some sort of conflict for the lawyer to represent you for more than one thing. That’s just not true. It reminds me of back in the day when I did criminal law and a client asked me if the state trooper forgot to put his hat on was his ticket valid? The rumors that go around the law are often wrong.  If you trust your lawyer, then they can handle multiple kinds of cases for you.  In fact, we encourage our old clients to call, if we cannot assist you with your case, we will do our best to refer you to an attorney that can assist.  Second Wreck – Use the Same Attorney? YES

It is a good practice to develop a relationship with one law firm allowing them to represent you for personal injury, Social Security, workers’ compensation, medical malpractice and it is fine to have more than one case going with the same law firm at the same time as they already have access to your medical records, insurance information, etc. Having access to all of your information reduces the expense of the litigation and allows you to spend less and get more. The next time you’re wondering whether you can use the same lawyer more than once the answer is YES. In fact as attorneys, we appreciate it. 


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