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North Carolina Highway Patrol’s case against distracted driving

It’s a problem that stretches from Raleigh to Greenville and from Charlotte to Asheville and beyond. Texting while driving is a risky behavior that puts not only those drivers who engage in it in immediate danger of a violent motor vehicle collision, but their passengers and all the motorists with whom they share North Carolina’s streets, roads and highways.

Most residents understand that texting while driving is against the law in our state, but that knowledge does not prevent many people from doing it anyway. A North Carolina Highway Patrol officer said troopers are enforcing the law, “but it is hard to observe someone texting while driving.” Sgt. Chris Knox added that it’s also difficult to prove that the driver was texting.

According to a western North Carolina radio station news report, Knox said troopers “aggressively enforce that law along with our partners in law enforcement who are looking for violators.”

He said that it’s important for law enforcement officers to be visible. He said that in many cases, drivers who see the black and silver of state patrol cars on the highway will stop texting and start paying more attention to the road and traffic.

Knox said it’s also important for law enforcement agencies to reach out to the public and share stories of what can happen to distracted drivers. “We share some of the stories of families who have lost loved ones who were texting while driving that led to fatal accidents.”

He said policing agencies understand that enforcement alone won’t get people to stop texting while driving. He added that “education is a big part of what we do.”

Hopefully, their efforts will pay off soon and distracted driving will begin to decrease.

Those who are injured by a distracted driver have legal recourse. Speak to an attorney experienced in personal injury litigation about your options.



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