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Summertime is time to pay attention

School is out. Children are playing. The days are hot and the nights are warm. It’s summertime in Raleigh.

According to new research, this is also the time when distracted driving soars to its highest level of the year. Unfortunately, more distracted drivers mean more car accidents resulting in injuries.

Researchers at TrueMotion, a smartphone tech firm, observed and analyzed the actions of more than 20,000 drivers from January of last year through May of this year. They found that in June, July and August, drivers spend less time than in any other part of the year watching the road and more time looking at their phones.

Though cars, pick-ups and SUVs are built to be safer than ever, traffic crash fatalities continue to increase. A vice president at TrueMotion says the data in their research indicates that distracted driving continues to push those numbers higher.

He said the research shows that nearly 40 percent of all drivers are distracted for 15 minutes or more for every hour driven in summer. There is also an increase of about 10 percent in distracted driving in June, July and August.

Part of those distractions are generated at work, according to the study. A little more than 40 percent of employees say they respond to phone calls and emails from work. While it can be crucial for employees to be available, it is just as important to stay safe while doing so. That means that texts and other messages should wait until you have pulled over and stopped the vehicle.

People typically understand that distracted driving is dangerous, but often believe that they can handle calls and texts safely. Of course, that false sense of security can result in a crash that puts not only the driver in danger, but the other motorists at risk as well.

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