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Report: Motorists willing to trade data for safety

Raleigh news organizations have reported time and again that Americans have seen personal data stolen from websites, companies and organizations that they trusted. Companies such as Equifax, Yahoo, Uber, JP Morgan Chase, Sony, Sears, Panera Bread and many others have been hacked in recent years. Millions of credit card numbers and other sensitive data was stolen and then shared or sold online.

Despite the dizzying number of data breaches, Americans are willing to share their data – even without giving consent – with their new connected cars (and the companies that manufacture them). According to a new study, all they want in return for the shared data are vehicles that will keep them safer; less likely to be in motor vehicle accidents resulting in injuries and fatalities.

The study by Otonomo/Edison Research examined the views of consumers who have purchased connected vehicles and those who identify as someone interested in buying a new connected car.

Not only are American consumers interested in connected vehicles willing to share their data, they are ready to do so in overwhelming numbers: 80 percent said they are willing to share their data in exchange for services and apps that will alert them to dangerous driving conditions, warn them that their vehicles need repairs or maintenance and so on.

The vehicles, their software and various apps and pieces of added on hardware apparently collect data from consumers and then send the information to the many manufacturers of these products. Consumers are confident that these companies will secure the data: 77 percent are confident or somewhat confident that the data is safe.

We have no way of knowing secure the data might be, but we do know that that motorists who are injured in motor vehicle accidents have to pursue compensation for damages and justice. Talk to an experienced personal injury attorney about your legal options.


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