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Workers face threats from machine pinch points

Workers in North Carolina can be harmed when machinery in the workplace is unprotected and unguarded. A part of a machine that could capture a person or a part of his or her body, causing injury, is called a pinch point. A pinch point could trap a person between moving parts, between materials and the machine or between moving and stationary parts. Any machine can have a number of pinch points that could cause serious injuries to workers. These include robots, conveyor belts, printing presses, metal forming machines, construction equipment, rollers, assembly lines, plastic molding machinery, power doors and transmissions and other types of equipment.

In a workplace, an employer is responsible for evaluating the types of machinery and identifying the threat of danger to workers in order to prevent workplace injuries and accidents from occurring as a result of pinch points. Machine injuries on the job could lead to severe injuries and lifelong disabilities. Once they thoroughly examine their machinery, employers then need to create protections in order to stop these types of injuries from happening.

For example, an employer could install metal guards over dangerous places on a machine, preventing workers from reaching under, over or around the guards. In order for these protections to be effective, however, employers must also provide thorough training about the reasons for the guards and the types of accidents they help prevent. The guards should only be removed by trained employees performing needed maintenance or repairs.

For some people, the workplace can be a dangerous location, especially when they are handling fast-moving machinery. Individuals who have been injured on the job have a right to be made whole for the harms they suffered due to workplace accidents. They can contact a workers’ compensation attorney to help protect their rights and work to secure the compensation to which they are entitled.


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