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New technology aims to reduce risks of truck driver fatigue

Truck accidents can cause devastating personal injuries and even fatalities on the roadways of North Carolina and across the country. There are over 7 million people employed in the trucking industry, and they transport over 70 percent of the country’s cargo. While truck drivers can earn a good living, the arduous, tiring schedule can be difficult to handle. Turnover is regularly higher than 90 percent.

One of the biggest safety concerns for the industry is trucker fatigue. Drivers often work an eight-day week that includes around 70 hours of driving. This can lead to drowsiness, lowered reaction times and other signs of fatigue. Tired truck drivers are more likely to be involved in motor vehicle accidents, and the size and mass of their vehicles mean that the consequences can be catastrophic and at times deadly. Each year, approximately 100,000 truck accidents involve truck driver fatigue.

Because of the danger posed by fatigue, a number of technological initiatives are dedicated to reducing the problem. One such project intends to use smart devices to measure visible and bodily signs such as decreased heart rate, increased blinking or higher levels of yawning. When the devices sense the warning signs ramping up, they can warn a truck driver to stop, get off the road and rest.

A truck accident can cause catastrophic injuries to many people, including other drivers as well as pedestrians on the road. People who have been injured by a trucker can speak with a personal injury attorney. A lawyer could help an accident victim pursue compensation for their losses.


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