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How common are truck accidents in North Carolina?

Every state has a different record when it comes to traffic accidents and road safety. Some of the most serious accidents involve trucks, such as commercial 18-wheelers that collide with passenger cars. These crashes can result in significant injuries.

How does North Carolina stack up when it comes to road safety and truck accidents? Read on to find out more about the risks and hazards of traffic accidents in North Carolina.

North Carolina and highway safety

North Carolina takes highway safety seriously, and the Governor’s Highway Safety Program campaign encourages safe driving through a range of programs and initiatives. Blitzes against speeding are just one way the state government tries to reduce motor vehicle accidents, including truck crashes. Crash data provided by the North Carolina crash data site showed that in 2016, there were a total of 13,542 crashes involving large trucks and buses. With so many accidents, the potential risk of injury on the roads is high, and safety is a priority.

Injuries as a result of crashes

Of the total number of large truck and bus crashes in North Carolina in 2016, the crash data statistics showed that 3,862 of them resulted in injuries. When a person suffers an injury in a traffic accident, oftentimes the police or insurance company conduct an investigation to reveal the cause of the accident. If the investigation reveals that a driver’s negligence led to the crash, the other driver or pedestrian who suffered injuries may decide to file a lawsuit to seek compensation through the court system. Damages in personal injury cases include things such as medical bills, permanent injury and lost wages, among other things.

Anyone who drives in North Carolina should be aware that the penalties for distracted driving and other forms of dangerous driving can be high. In addition, driving dangerously puts others at risk for serious and catastrophic injuries. If you suffer an injury in a truck accident, you should contact a qualified personal injury attorney in North Carolina to assist you with your case.


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