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What you should know about semitruck accidents in North Carolina

Truck accidents in North Carolina can cause serious personal injury and financial challenges. Injuries often lead to time away from work and lost wages, as well as significantly high medical bills that can have an impact on already strapped finances.

Here are some facts about large truck collisions around the state.

Aggressive and negligent driving in North Carolina

Statistics released in January 2018 show that some counties in North Carolina have a higher number of aggressive drivers than in other counties. Although the statistics showed Mecklenburg County as the most aggressive by far, Wake County, which includes Raleigh, came in second. Large truck operators number among the aggressive drivers in North Carolina whose negligent driving leads to an accident. Residents who live near busy streets such as this one in Raleigh, where a garbage truck crashed head-on into a car, cite speeding as a major concern.

Severity of truck accidents and negligence

Accidents with large commercial trucks are generally more harmful than with smaller vehicles, from the nature of their size, ground clearance and weight. Personal injuries resulting from truck accidents are often correspondingly more severe.

Sometimes, the truck driver is negligent and as such, is directly at fault for the accident. However, the driver is not always in control of the circumstances that lead to an accident, and others may be negligent, as well. For example, log-hauling truck loaders may overload trailers with too much wood, ignoring safety standards. Faulty components from the manufacturer such as defective tires or brake systems, or poorly performed maintenance may constitute negligence, as well.

Victims of truck accidents should seek a qualified personal injury attorney to evaluate their case and identify every party that may be at fault. A consultation can provide a better understanding of a person’s rights and responsibilities under North Carolina state law. Especially for those facing temporary or permanent disability or who are unable to pay expensive medical bills, speaking to an attorney can be a positive first step in the right direction.


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