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Study shows benefits of rearview cameras, other car safety tech

Backup collisions are a major hazard for drivers in North Carolina. These incidents can result in vehicle damage and even death, especially when pedestrians are involved. However, new technology is out there that can prevent such crashes. Rear automatic braking systems alert drivers to obstacles behind them. When drivers don’t respond in time, these features apply the brakes automatically to slow down.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has recently tested the effects of these systems on several new vehicles. According to the results, these cars were 62 percent more likely to avoid backup collisions. The safety group also estimated that automatic braking combined with rearview cameras and sensors could cut down on backup crashes by 78 percent.

Of all the models tested, the institute gave its highest marks to the 2017 Cadillac XT5 SUV and Subaru Outback. The positive results were more or less uniform across all models, with the exception of one vehicle that failed to detect a dummy car behind it.

Front automatic braking is set to become standard in most vehicles by 2022 but not so for rear automatic braking. However, the government will require all new vehicles to incorporate rearview cameras starting May 2018, which may encourage rear automatic braking production.

Without such safety devices, drivers will find it easier to let fatigue or distractions get the better of them. When such negligence leads to an accident, victims can determine if they’re eligible for compensation. This is where a lawyer can come in, assess the claim and bring together proof of negligence. Afterward, the lawyer could negotiate for a settlement out of court.


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