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Focusing on car safety features that are available now

With all the news about the future of self-driving cars, one might think that current vehicles lack significant safety advances. However, drivers in North Carolina should be aware that there are important vehicle developments that are already out on the market.

These new technologies largely center around advanced driver assistance systems, such as collision avoidance technology. Most automakers, including mainstream brands like Chevrolet and Honda, offer collision-avoidance options as part of special safety packages. However, luxury brands like Audi and Volvo have long made them a regular feature of their vehicles. Mercedes has had collision-avoidance systems for over a decade.

These systems use cameras or other sensors to alert drivers to potential dangers on the road. If the driver does not respond to the alert, the system automatically applies the brakes. ADAS-based features include rear- and front-end collision avoidance as well as blind-spot detection and lane-departure warnings. Road condition awareness features are also available.

ADAS-based features have prompted questions regarding how far autonomous driving can go. These technologies may prove helpful as automakers achieve different levels of semi-autonomous driving and try to work out the problems that still plague fully autonomous driving.

However, there is no feature that can entirely prevent car accidents. When human negligence is the cause, a victim may want to ask a lawyer about filing a claim for compensation. Compensatory damages could include everything from vehicle damage to medical bills and lost wages. The settlement may be a large one, so it’s helpful to have an attorney handling negotiations.


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