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Can technology keep your teen driver out of a car crash?

As the parent of a young driver, you know that distractions are everywhere. For a teenager, a distraction is only as close as a cellphone.

Technology has brought the cellphone into our lives, but the tech innovators have also produced apps to help parents control the driving behavior of their teenagers and keep them accident-free. Here are five apps to consider:

1. Canary

This is a free app that notifies parents when their teenager tweets, texts or answers a phone call while driving. You can set a perimeter on a map, and you will know if your teen ventures outside the boundaries.

2. DriveScribe

Here is an app that will block both incoming calls and text messages when the car your teen is driving moves above a certain set speed.


This unique app reads incoming emails and text messages aloud; the driver does not even have to take his or her eyes off the road to look at the phone.

4. CellControl

CellControl prevents driving behaviors that you can define in advance. For example, the driver cannot text, take selfies or check a Facebook account while driving. This app only disables the driver’s cellphone; the passengers in the car can still use theirs.

5. TextArrest

Unfortunately, not all parents are monitoring the driving habits of the young people in their families, and your teen could be the victim of a crash caused by a distracted driver. This is where an app like TextArrest is valuable. Not only does it allow you to control the way your child uses the cellphone while driving, it permits use of the phone in the event of an emergency, as long as you are notified.

Staying out of the majority

While young people recognize the dangers of using a cellphone when behind the wheel of a car, the majority admit to texting, emailing or engaging in some other form of distracted driving. Vehicle crashes happen for many reasons, and the injuries caused can be severe. Perhaps one of the new safe-driving apps can prevent your teenager from becoming a victim.


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