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January 2018 Archives

Making factories and warehouses safer for workers

While workers in every industry face some safety hazards, it is well known that employees in factories and warehouses are especially at risk to injury. This is as true in North Carolina as it is anywhere else in the nation. According to OSHA, the most common warehouse accidents involve forklifts, electrical wiring, holes and gaps in the floor and power transmission components. Fires, explosions and chemical exposure, often due to improper lockout/tagout procedures, are also frequent.

Takata recall expansion includes cars from 14 automakers

The largest vehicle recall in U.S. history just got bigger. On Jan. 18, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recalled vehicles from over a dozen automakers due to defective Takata air bag inflators. The recall is part of an ongoing effort to get the dangerous inflators off the road in North Carolina, throughout the U.S., and other parts of the world.

3 tips for getting compensation after a drunk driver hits you

Drunk driving is a serious problem. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 10,000 people die every year because of intoxicated motorists. If you get hit by a drunk driver, the results may be disastrous. Even if you do not die in a DUI accident, you may sustain severe injuries. 

Reporting motor vehicle accidents

Drivers in North Carolina should be aware of the time constraints when it comes to taking certain actions after being involved in a motor vehicle accident. While medical attention for all injured parties is a priority, it is important to know when to contact one's insurer or to file a lawsuit no matter who is responsible for the accident.

Freight-loading errors are a major safety risk to motorists

Lots of freight moved across North Carolina takes at least part of its journey by truck. While many motorists may not think about what's inside those trailers on the highway, the manner in which they are loaded can mean life or death. Loading errors are one of the leading causes of trucking accidents. If a truck driver doesn't fully inspect the cargo, he or she may be unaware of the dangerous load being transported.

Serious truck accidents are not limited to big rigs

When you think about deadly truck accidents, the first thing that comes to mind is probably the type of truck you regularly see on the freeways of North Carolina – namely, those huge 18-wheelers that carry one or two trailers behind them. It is true that big rigs can cause devastating crashes, especially chain reaction collisions that result in numerous injuries or fatalities. However, you need to understand the risks that you can face from smaller commercial trucks on any city street.

Dressers, TV, other furniture could tip and injure consumers

North Carolina parents who are buying a television or dresser might want to make sure it does not present a danger of tipping. According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, these are particularly dangerous to children who might climb the furniture and pull it over on themselves although they can injure adults as well. More than 500 people died between 2000 and 2016 because of tip-overs, and most of them were children. More than 30,000 people are treated in emergency rooms annually because of appliance, furniture and television falls.

Responding to aggressive drivers

Drivers in North Carolina probably know about road rage, either at first or second hand. They should know, then, how important it is not to provoke other drivers who are being aggressive or bullying. The following are just a few tips on how to handle common situations.

OSHA and NAWIC working together to promote safety

In North Carolina, many women work within the construction industry and have issues that are particular to them. In an effort to help to address the safety needs of women in the construction industry, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration recently announced its partnership with the National Association of Women in Construction.

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