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Why do some people text and drive despite the risks?

On Behalf of | Dec 21, 2017 | Firm News

Everyone knows that texting while driving is dangerous, yet some people still do it. In fact, a survey by AT&T and The Center for Internet and Technology Addiction says that 75 percent of drivers text and drive even though 98 percent of them know doing so is dangerous. 

Why do some motorists put themselves and others at risk just to connect with others on their phones? Here are some reasons people text and drive, putting drivers like you at risk of sustaining an injury in a car crash.

A desire to connect

A lot of people use their phones all the time, so they cannot control their impulses to put them down while driving. In fact, 43 percent of those who text while driving say they want to connect with friends and family even if it means increasing the risk of an auto accident. Some of these drivers also think they will miss something important if they do not check their phones immediately when they receive a notification. 


Many drivers firmly believe in their ability to multitask. They think they are better at using their phones while behind the wheel than others, therefore, they believe it is not as dangerous. Although some motorists may think their driving performance does not decline while texting, it does. Even looking at a phone for a few seconds increases the risk of a motor vehicle collision. 

A need for entertainment

People feel the need to be constantly entertained, and one of the easiest ways to do so is by using their phones. Some motorists are not comfortable with silence or simply listening to the radio. They feel uncomfortable if they are not constantly occupied with their mobile devices. 

Despite countless public awareness campaigns to warn the population about the dangers of texting while driving, many ignore the risks and put others in danger.


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