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Regulation aims to cut fatigued truck driving

Roadway dangers for drivers and passengers in North Carolina can come from an array of sources, including drunk or distracted drivers. The dangers of the roadway can be even more disturbing when they involve large trucks and buses due to these vehicles’ size, weight, mass and speed. Any impact with a semi-truck or similar large vehicle could cause devastating personal injuries, and this danger only escalates when a truck driver is fatigued due to exceeding their safe hours on the roadway.

Federal regulators are concerned about truck driver fatigue on the roadway. A federal regulation requiring the use of electronic devices to track driver time on the road has been created to cover the trucking industry. A regulation issued by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration requires the use of electronic logging devices beginning in December 2017. These devices will record, track, share and manage the time that truck drivers are on the road once installed in long-haul semi-trucks.

Implementation of the federal rule and installation of the devices have been objected to by independent truck drivers, who say that their privacy rights are being violated and that they are being subjected to 24-hour federal government surveillance. The regulation also seeks to prevent truckers from fudging their paper trucking logs in order to hide an excessive number of hours on the road in violation of federal regulations. The electronic loggers connect directly to a semi-truck’s engine, tracking time and movement based on the speed and motion of the engine.

Truck driver fatigue can lead to truck accidents that cause severe personal injuries with long-lasting effects. People who have been injured by a negligent truck driver might consult with a personal injury lawyer in order to obtain advice and representation on seeking compensation for medical expenses, pain and suffering and other damages.


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