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Common reasons for car crashes

Most people living in North Carolina today will experience a car crash at some point during their lives. Most of the accidents are minor, but in 2016 alone, there were more than 40,000 deaths in the U.S. caused by car accidents. Scientists have been working to understand why car accidents happen to hopefully make roadways safer for everyone.

Naturalistic driving studies have contributed to advances in automotive technology designed to make cars safer. Drivers sign up to participate in these studies so that researchers can analyze what happens if their vehicle becomes involved in a motor vehicle accident. Modern cars are equipped with safety features such as cameras, sensors and accelerometers that were designed with these studies in mind.

There are some common reasons why car accidents happen which researchers have identified. Taking a right turn at a red stoplight after a rolling stop is one common situation where crashes happen. When a driver looks left to see if there is any oncoming traffic, his or her attention may be divided. A pedestrian or cyclist can come from out of nowhere on the right.

Falling asleep at the wheel is another common cause of crashes. About seven percent of all crashes and 21 percent of all crashes are estimated to be caused by drivers who are falling asleep at the wheel.

A third common cause of car accidents happens when the driver loses control of the vehicle. This can happen, for example, when the driver is taking a sharp turn.

A car accident can happen quickly and can be devastating for injured victims. A person who is injured in a car accident as a result of another driver’s negligence may have a claim for money damages. After a crash, police will typically conduct an investigation to try to determine who was at fault. In some cases, accident reconstruction experts may be helpful in making this determination, especially in cases where the crash involved multiple vehicles.

A crash victim may benefit from consulting an attorney. After a car accident, losing time off work and facing medical bills can add stress to a person’s life. A person may also face a significant amount of pain while recovering from an accident. A personal injury lawyer may be able to help clients in this situation focus on their physical recovery while the attorney investigates the accident, interviews witnesses, negotiates with insurance companies and works to obtain a fair settlement for the client.


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