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Traffic crashes in North Carolina on the rise

North Carolina drivers face the same safety hazards and risks as drivers in other states. However, recent statistics show that traffic crashes have increased. Although the state has implemented traffic safety programs, the chance of being seriously injured in a car crash is still a very real possibility.

The statistics surrounding motor vehicle crashes and road safety in North Carolina reveal a mixed picture of risks and safety precautions. Here is some relevant information regarding the risks of traffic accidents in the state.

Traffic crashes up

According to the most recent statistics from the North Carolina Department of Transportation, reportable traffic crashes in 2016 increased by 6.3 percent. The Commissioner of the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles, Torre J. Jessup, shared statistics about other traffic and motor vehicle accident increases, including among teenage drivers (up 4.8 percent on 2015 statistics) and pedestrians killed in motor vehicle crashes (up 1.5 percent).

Unfortunately, the statistics are sobering. There is a definite need for improved motor vehicle safety on the road and better driver diligence and awareness. The state’s Department of Transportation has a number of traffic safety programs in place to help combat this trend. It reviews hazardous areas and studies crash areas and patterns in an attempt to improve the safety of both drivers and pedestrians.

What injury victims can do

The natural consequence of an increase in traffic crashes is an increase in injury victims as a result of these crashes. Serious injuries often leave people out of work and unable to make up lost wages. Especially for someone who may already be struggling to make ends meet from paycheck to paycheck, a car crash that results in a serious injury can be devastating. What’s more, there are often heavy medical bills insurance companies may try to dispute or refuse to pay. In addition to the pain and suffering of the initial car crash injury, the victim is then forced to fight battles with insurance companies and employers that he or she is most likely not qualified to successfully fight and win.

In circumstances where traffic crash victims are severely injured, one course of action can be to contact an attorney with experience handling cases that help injured parties seek recourse through the legal system. Oftentimes, an initial consultation does not involve any obligation and can help the injured party understand his or her rights under the law as they apply to the particulars of the crash.


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