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Where do slip, trip and fall accidents happen in public?

When you hear of a slip-and-fall or trip-and-fall accident, you may think it only happens to seniors on the wet or cluttered floors of retail stores. Although the risk of falling does increase with age, the risk still exists for everyone regardless of age or health.

Becoming aware of common places where these slip, trip and fall accidents happen is the first step in preventing them. They may not seem like a big deal, but they can lead to severe physical harm. Even a minor injury, such as a sprain, can still affect your ability to work and care for yourself, so do not underestimate these hazards.

Parking lot

You may be concerned with a car hitting you in a parking lot, but the pavement can be just as dangerous when the following are present:

  • Manholes
  • Drains and grates
  • Potholes and other damage
  • Debris
  • Puddles
  • Black ice

In addition, poor lighting on the premises can make it difficult for you to avoid these hazards.

Outdoor and indoor entryways

Just like the parking lot, the sidewalk outside the place you are visiting may not be in the best shape. Furthermore, establishments sometimes have stairs leading to the entrance or at least a curb you have to step onto. When the business does not take care of these areas with elevation changes, you can easily trip and fall. They also can become slick from water and ice, which customers can track inside as well, increasing the likelihood of slipping if the business does not stay on top of keeping the entryways and floors dry.


Products and debris may not only cause you to trip, but they can even cause you to fall without you fumbling over them. A display that blocks your view of danger, an item you cannot reach or unsecure inventory falling on top of you can all lead to you falling. Also, carpets may be in disrepair, and store aisles may have obstructions or spills from merchandise and equipment. In short, anything can become a hazard with improper maintenance, storage or use.


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