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Social Security Disability backlog 2017

On Behalf of | Sep 18, 2017 | Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability backlog 2017

Recent data indicates there are over one million people currently waiting for benefits from Social Security Disability.  A recent article by the Associate Press indicates that a large number of Americans are not granted their disability until after they die due to backlog waiting to get a hearing on their benefits.  The article discusses the problem with the Social Security Disability backlog 2017 making it difficult for those disabled Americans who have paid into the system to get their benefits in under two years.

When you apply for Social Security benefits the intial application is with a local agency.  Social Security indicated the local agencies approve, on average, about one-third of the applications they receive.  The article quotes the Social Security Administration stating 

“The next step is to file an appeal with an administrative law judge. This is where the backlog swells, with 1.1 million applicants waiting for a hearing before a judge. That’s slightly down from last year, but a 31 percent increase from 2012.

The average wait for a hearing is 602 days. Five years ago, it was less than a year.”

As the system continues to get slower, the Social Security Administration is not taking active steps to decrease wait times.  These long wait times for a hearing with an Administrative Law Judge can result in financial ruin if the person survives to receive their benefits.

Social Security Disability backlog 2017 may be getting longer, but to increase your chance of getting benefits an attorney can assist you with your hearing.  Susan O’Malley is a Board Certified Specialist in Social Security Disability law and would be glad to review your case.  


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