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Driving too slowly represents moving violation and traffic hazard

Most people would recognize speeding drivers as a threat to safety on the roads of North Carolina, but someone driving below the minimum limit could be just as dangerous. A slow vehicle on a multilane highway often forces other motorists to pass on the right. That maneuver could cause confusion among drivers and promote crashes. Even on residential streets, a slow driver might require someone to hit their brakes unexpectedly and launch a chain reaction that causes an accident.

How To Keep Your Kids Safe in the Car

As a parent, whenever you drive on North Carolina roadways with your children in the car, you probably give some thought to their safety. It is your job as the parent to ensure you do everything possible to keep them safe. Car accidents can cause severe injuries and even death, which makes car safety even more important.

Data shows that drivers should buckle up even on local streets

Some North Carolina residents may believe that buckling up is an unnecessary precaution when making short trips on familiar roads. However, data gathered by road safety advocacy groups suggests otherwise. Even crashes that occur at residential speeds can cause death or catastrophic injury. Furthermore, the chances of being involved in an accident on local streets may actually be higher because of the way the human brain works.

The dangers posed by the kitchen stove

North Carolina parents may not understand why stoves are so tempting for small children. However, they may understand just how dangerous they can be. Stove manufacturers may be liable for any injuries that a child may experience if it is not constructed in accordance with the law. A Missouri 5-year-old was awarded $35 million after he was injured by a pot containing hot water that slid off of a stove and burned him.

Keeping headlights on 24 hours per day could save lives

In North Carolina, motorists are not required to use their headlights except at night or during storms. If they used them whenever they drove, however, lives could be saved. Multiple studies have demonstrated that using headlights whenever people drive helps to reduce accidents and fatalities.

Tips for safely sharing the road with big rigs

If you are like many drivers, you may try to avoid driving near large commercial trucks whenever possible. Because of their size, they sometimes obstruct the vision of other motorists and otherwise make them uneasy, but avoiding them is not always an option, so it is important that you learn how to safely coexist with them on the roadway.

Workplace safety program focuses on prevention

According to serious injury and fatality prevention programs, North Carolina workers may be safer if their workplaces focus on identifying the potential for accidents and trying to prevent them rather than waiting for an accident to happen and then investigating it. The program takes the approach that near-miss incidents are a case of luck rather than a safety system working and that identifying those incidents can be important in making workplaces safer.

The truth about fall risk for employers

According to an authority on the subject, North Carolina employers aren't fully aware of the slip and fall risks on their premises. Of those who responded to a survey, 46 percent said that there were between zero and three fall risk zones in their facilities. On average, there are 10 such zones in a given facility. The survey also found that 92 percent of respondents simply put mats at entrances while ignoring the other nine potential risk zones.

How whiplash can affect your ability to work

If you got into an accident and are suffering from whiplash, you might be wondering how you will be able to go back to work. There is a popular assumption that whiplash is only minor neck pain, but it can be much more severe. Depending on the seriousness of your collision, you may be dealing with complications for months or years. 

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