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Collision avoidance systems can prevent injuries

In North Carolina, car accidents injure or kill many people every year. Advances in technology have resulted in decreased accident rates in the state and throughout the U.S., offering some good news for the public. Collision avoidance systems in newer-model vehicles have had a substantial and positive impact on different types of accidents, saving lives.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, collision avoidance systems, including lane departure warnings and blind spot alerts, have resulted in a substantial decrease in accidents for cars that have them. Researchers reviewed data from more than 5,000 crashes that occurred in 2015.

According to the IIHS, vehicles with collision avoidance systems had 11 percent fewer single-car sideswipe and head-on crashes than did cars without the systems. These are the types of accidents that the systems are designed to help prevent. The data from the accidents regarding injuries was even more telling. In vehicles with the crash-avoidance technology installed, there were 21 percent fewer injuries than in cars that did not have the systems. The IIHS reports that if all vehicles had lane-departure warning systems, there would have been 55,000 fewer injuries than what occurred.

The study demonstrates how technology may reduce the risks of injury and fatality accidents. Unfortunately, some accidents will still happen. When people are seriously injured in auto accidents because of the negligence of other drivers, they might benefit by asking experienced personal injury attorneys to conduct thorough accident investigations in order to determine what happened and to help them to establish financial responsibility on the at-fault motorist.



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