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Teens and young adults may be at risk for workplace injury

North Carolina parents of teens and young adults might be concerned about the risks their children face while on the job this summer. Because summer is when young people try to find jobs to work while they are out of school, it is important for parents to be especially aware of their children’s exposure to risk during this time.

According to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, workers under the age of 24 make up 13 percent of the nation’s workforce, which means that 19.1 million people under 24 are being exposed to workplace risk. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration stated that this group is exposed to many hazards, some of which are lack of safety supervision, lack of training and dangerous equipment.

In a report from 2015, NIOSH found that 403 employees in the United States died from job-related injuries. Of those 403 workers, 24 of them were minors. In terms of injuries that did not result in death, a yearly average of nearly 800,000 young employees suffered injuries between the years of 1998 and 2007. Young workers are twice as likely as workers over the age of 25 to suffer an injury on the job that requires an emergency room visit. That young adults and teens make up a substantial portion of the workforce and are more likely than adults over 25 to become injured at work means that people in this group assume risk by entering the workforce.

Parents who find that their children have suffered a workplace injury because they were not trained or supervised properly might choose to discuss the situation with a lawyer. An attorney may be able to assist clients who have been injured due to the negligence of an employer by helping them to seek workers’ compensation for their injuries.


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